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7 Ways to Find a Full Time Job

How to find a job? Lexington, KY

Finding a job may seem difficult because of the sheer number of ways to look for one. Using the internet may seem like the best option, but there are hundreds of websites to search through and create accounts on. It's hard to keep track of every site you register with and searching through them can become a full-time job in itself! Even though the internet can provide help in your job search, there are other ways to find a job that you might have forgotten.

Referrals Job Search


In today's world of text messaging and social media, it may seem like you never speak to anyone in person anymore. But that doesn't mean you can't ask for help! If you're looking for a job, ask for referrals. If you have attended college or a postsecondary training program, you can find groups on your favorite social media site that tailor specifically to the field or career you wish to find yourself a position. Ask friends and neighbors if their employers are hiring. Use those already established in a company, school, or business as a reference. Some employers even offer incentive for referrals that result in a hiring, making this a great way to learn about open positions.

Cold Calling For A Job


Let's say you want to secure a position in engineering. You have the training and background needed, but you haven't seen any positions posted or hiring information. Look up the companies that employ engineers and if any appeal to you, contact them. You can pick up the phone or send an email with your desire to work for them, your qualifications, and your resume. Ask about potential openings and request they put your information on file. You can speak to their human resources department about who to contact, or about the qualifications and skills they look for when hiring to get a better idea of what you may need to do to beef your resume up. You may be brushed off, but making the call is better than not trying at all.

Networking Event Lexington, KY


Many colleges hold networking events for their graduates. If you haven't attended one, you should. These events are great for meeting professionals in your desired field, people who you can connect with and use as a resource to find a position. Many careers have a hidden recruiting system and knowing the right people is the way in. Look up local professional groups and join any in your area. You only have to go once to find out if it's not right for you.

Another way to network is through sites like LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a site for professionals and career-oriented people to network and branch out. You can meet people in your field both locally, nationally, and throughout the world, and can find potential job openings.


If you are having trouble finding a job opening in the career you want to pursue, try looking for an internship instead. Internships are a great way to get real-life experience and allow you to make connections that can help you further your career. You'll have a reference for your resume and can build or hone your skills.

Temp agencies are another option. These organizations will determine your qualifications and can place you in temporary positions. Often, these positions can grow into to permanent placements, or you can gain referrals to other companies based on the work you've done. Temp agencies may also work with you on your resume, practice interview skills, etc.

Job Fair Lexington KY


Job Fairs bring together companies, schools, and other businesses that are looking to hire qualified candidates. There are job fairs that are general in their scope and industry-specific ones. If you haven't been to a job fair, spruce up your resume and check one out! Job fairs can be held in a local town or city, for the state, or even for nationwide opportunities. There's no commitment to attending, so it doesn't hurt to check out who's there. Some participants may hold screening interviews so you can learn more about the companies represented.


We started this article talking about the many career finding websites on the internet today. This is a great way to find a position in your chosen field, but it's important to note that not all of these websites are worth your time. Are there valid job openings posted on Craigslist? Yes, but you may want to use a site that is solely for matching applicants to employers. Sites such as and have solid reputations and bring together many employers from many fields. There are sites dedicated to specific careers or fields. If you're determined to stay local, many cities and states have sites devoted to what's available at home. Career websites can help you find your dream job.


Headhunters and recruitment agencies will search for open positions for you. The downside to using a headhunter is that you'll have to pay for their services. Employers may choose to work with these agencies because it makes the application and interview process more efficient. If you're a college graduate, your school may have job placement services that you can use as alumni. Keep in mind that recruitment agencies deal mainly with professionals so if you're unqualified or looking to start in a field and work your way up, you may want to choose a different way to find an opening.

There are many methods to finding a job outside of searching the internet. If you're serious about landing a position and beginning your career, you may want to use more than one of these methods. With thousands of people looking for work, make sure you can stand out from the crowd. Many positions and openings receive hundreds of applicants. You have to have the skills and qualifications to get the job. The right job is out there, and with time, you'll find it.

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