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Just how do superheroes get their gigs?

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

I hate to admit it, but I love watching the Marvel comic series of movies. Thor, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Ironman -- each has been fun to watch. Cool displays of power and laser lit skies as the battle of good v. evil in our universe rages on; but that isn't what interests me ... I am hooked on the one liners, catchy comebacks, and overall sarcasm between the characters :)

But in my latest movie marathon, I began to wonder: outside of Batman, and his Bat Signal -- how does any superhero know when someone needs their assistance?

Who helps them "get" their latest gig? Surely showing up before the world is invaded and set ablaze would make you even more valuable than showing up after seeing the devastation on the news, right?

Well, superheroes IRL, THAT is what EZgig does for you! We are the S.H.I.E.L.D. of gig work. We analyze the environment, calculate the impacts to our clients for their own staffing woes, and turn our own gig heroes loose so that we can avert disaster, chaos can be controlled, and calm can be restored.

Deep down, doesn't everyone want to be someone's superhero? You can be mine - sign up to work for EZgig today, and charge in when that gig hero signal alerts to save the day!

PS: And here is something a little different for gig heroes vs. superheroes -- you get paid and rewarded for your efforts...they just seem to get in more trouble.


Saving the business universe, one gig at a time.


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